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I recently performed at RESIST in the Menagerie in Belfast- a night that combines sonic art performances and intense, genre spanning DJ sets. I looped electronic drum and synth sounds then overlayed live acoustic drums.

This is the set-up that I used

Here’s a couple of clips of pre show loop experimentation:



I made these two geometric chalk on board pieces as a commission for Art Loves. They are both 110cm squared and to be hung as a diptych.

re:sculpt | International Sculpture Center

John Macormac SculptureWall Piece Investigations, installation view, by John Macormac. image via

In August I wrote a blog post about the impending demolition of the Fine Art Department of Ulster University. With the mammoth rebuild due to take place in 2015, some MFA students have been making the most of the condemned Orpheus building by using its makeup for physical and ephemeral play. 

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I obliterated an old piece of work scoring with knives, drilling and gouging the surface. I like that it looks like the bi-product of  another process.

The same method has been applied to a piece of MDF primed with grey paint below.

scored panel 2


This ‘difficult’ work was one of those that I gave up on and turned around to face the wall for about a month. When I came to look at it again I found I was more favourably disposed to it. The central image is a battleship. The dinosaur skulls were added later.

I’m showing my work in this exhibition at the Engine Room Gallery, Belfast.



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